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Moisturizing and protective tinted cream with SPF 20

Its formula helps strengthen the skin barrier with a specific action on the skin microbiome and defend it from the harmful effects of blue light by counteracting the action of free radicals.

The effect is inspired by the dewy skin look: fresh with a moisturized touch that enhances the complexion to the fullest. A real boost for the skin thanks to its innovative and inclusive formula, somewhere between skincare and make-up.

dew shield bb cream mesauda
bb cream dew shield foundation mesauda
bb cream dew shield foundation mesauda 4


Attives with moisturizing action

  • 20% EMOLLIENT OILS: Avocado oil and Shea butter envelop the skin and nourish it to restore softness and elasticity
  • EMULIUM ILLUSTRO® ensures high long-lasting hold performance by moisturizing and evening out the skin. 
  • PENTAVITIN®, a natural active that can absorb water on the surface of the skin and retain it for a long time to prevent skin dehydration, and forms a shield against external agents attacking the epidermis. 

Actives with protective action 

  • Bioecolia, a prebiotic that nourishes the microbiota, and strengthens the skin's natural defenses to preserve its ecosystem
  • Oxygenskin fights signs of aging caused by exposure to blue light and fortifies the skin barrier by increasing hydration. 
  • the latest generation of SPF20 sunscreens that protect the marine environment, perfect even for delicate skin.


The Tinted Cream that meets the needs of all those who want a product that perfectly suits their complexion and, at the same time, acts on the skin by moisturizing and unifying it without weighing it down.

Dew Shield is available in six different shades. The soft, creamy texture glides on and blends into the skin for a perfectly covering, long-lasting result.


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