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"I'm starting over in September": 5 good resolutions for your beauty routine MESAUDA

"Start again in September": 5 good resolutions for your beauty routine

Always prepare your skin for make-up

The success of make-up also depends on our skin care routine. Perfectly clean, moisturised and impurity-free skin is the first step to flawless, long-lasting make-up. So always remember to cleanse your face with the right products for your skin and use a good base cream.

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Never again without... makeup fixers for summer-proof make-up! MESAUDA

Never again without... make-up fixers for summer-proof make-up!

Smart, practical and indispensable for flawless make-up. Make-up fixers are products you can rely on if you need to have aperfect make-up for many hours.

In the summer months they become a must-have: when the heat puts your make-up to the test, you need to keep it fresh for many hours. They are also a great help when doing sport to prevent make-up from melting in the sweat.

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To every vacation destination its ideal beauty case: discover what to take with you this summer MESAUDA

Every holiday destination has its ideal beauty case: find out what to bring with you this summer.

Sea, mountain or city? Whatever your destination, don't forget to fill in the ...
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Learn how to create a perfect makeup base MESAUDA

Find out how to create a perfect make-up base

Creating the perfect make-up base is the secret to flawless, long-lasting make-up. Here's...
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What is a face primer? Here's a guide to using the newest MESAUDA Mesauda primers.

What is face primer? Here is a guide to using Mesauda's newest primers

All too often underestimated, face primer is the ideal ally for enhancing and...
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