A work of listening, observation, research, tenacity and determination: this is what lies behind Mesauda. The brand is the result of the synergy of the three Buaron brothers, who are always curious and constantly looking for new challenges. Victor, the creative mind behind the company, started from scratch and without great resources. He had the courage to go beyond the standards, experimenting and designing a cosmetics brand that aims at an idea of universal beauty, far from any stereotype. The difficulties encountered along the way were many, but they never hindered the spirit of revenge, the desire for affirmation and the determination to pursue the entrepreneurial project. Mesauda is not a fairytale, there is no magic wand behind the brand, there is a dream and the desire to make it come true and Victor Buaron has done so by betting on himself. He didn't know many things about his future, but he was certain of one thing: his business idea was sound and the dedication with which he had studied it over the years had allowed him to build up his talent for finding the best formulas and assets with which to design new products. Always backed and supported by his brothers Amit and David, who are also an active part of the company. Creating a perfect mix of creative flair and organisational and entrepreneurial skills. Amit, a strong and authoritative personality with a marked entrepreneurial talent, soon became a point of reference, holding the position of CEO. David, the youngest of the three, takes care of the administrative and financial management of the company. The name Mesauda is no coincidence, it was chosen because in Arabic it means "luck". Tenacity, determination and courage were fundamental to the birth of the brand, but luck is always behind each and every one of us. Victor has managed to assert himself thanks to Mesauda, expressing his creative and never predictable nature. This is one of the values that the brand wishes to transmit. Mesauda, through its products, wants to be a source of inspiration for all those who are not afraid to express their fears, their ambitions and reveal their beauty. For Mesauda, beauty must represent a right, capable of combining the art of aesthetics with respect for the diversity that distinguishes the unique features of each individual. Unique nuances, innovative textures that are absolutely cruelty free and avant-garde formulas characterise every single product, implemented through the use of latest generation technologies that maximise performance.

MESAUDA is luck, joie de vivre, freedom and determination.
MESAUDA is beauty for all those who have the courage to express themselves.

Our iconic products

Wow! Glow

Gold N'Roses

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Perfect Base

Eyes on Fleek