1) What is the Mesauda Diamonds Rewards Programme?

The "Mesauda Diamonds Rewards" programme, which is the subject of these Regulations, is a loyalty programme promoted by the Promoter, which enables the User to accumulate, in return for a certain amount of expenditure incurred for the purchase of Products on the Website or the performance of other actions as indicated in paragraph 5 below, a certain amount of Points which will entitle him to receive a certain discount or any other advantages communicated by the Promoter. The amount of Points and the value of the discount (or details of any other benefits) will be communicated by the Promoter on the Site from time to time. The Programme Account is nominative. You are only entitled to one Account and you must use it for private, non-commercial purposes only.

2) Definitions

  1. "Account": the personal area where each User can, among other things, view the status of the Points accumulated and available from time to time, check their previous purchases and take advantage of other benefits that the Promoter may make available to Users. The availability of an Account is not a prerequisite for the purchase of products on the Site. In order to create an Account, acceptance of the relevant registration and use conditions is required.
  2. "Users": users of the Site who have adhered to these Rules by creating a personal Account and accepting the relevant general conditions.
  3. "Promoter": Intelsis Srl, Via del Cottanello 13, Rome. VAT NUMBER 1457026100.
  4. "Points": the points from time to time loaded on the User's Account following the purchase of Products on the basis of what is established and indicated in these Regulations and on the basis of any communications made available to Users on the Site. The points accrued shall be confirmed from time to time by a communication sent to the email address provided by the User during registration.
  5. "Site" means the website
  6. "Products": exclusively, the products sold within the Site
  7. "Rules": these Rules, which are accepted by the User when creating an Account.

3) Recipients of the Loyalty Programme

The Mesauda Diamonds Rewards Programme is intended exclusively for Users who have their own personal account on the Site.

4) Account allocation

The Account is attributed to each User free of charge, after entering the required data and accepting the relevant general conditions. Failure to complete the registration form on the site, or the incomplete or untruthful completion of the form, will result in the Account not being granted or being revoked. For the correct use of the Programme, you also undertake to inform the Promoter of any changes to your personal data.

The data provided by the User will be processed by the Promoter in accordance with the provisions of the European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data (GDPR), on the basis of what is indicated in the privacy policy of the Site.

5) Accumulation of points

The Points can be accumulated only and exclusively in the modalities indicated below in points a) - d) and in any additional modalities indicated from time to time by the Promoter. Points cannot therefore be accumulated in the event of the purchase of products from commercial outlets other than the Site and/or the performance of the actions indicated below in a different way from the use of the relative functions available on the Site.

Points will be accumulated as follows:;

  1. For every Euro 1.00 spent, the Account will be credited with 1 point, which will be added to any points already acquired from previous purchases;
  2. For each review of a purchased Product, 5 Points will be credited to the Account;
  3. If a new customer is introduced through the "Refer a Friend" procedure, a 20% discount will be reserved for the first purchase made on the Site by the "introduced" customer. These points will be added to any points already acquired.

Failure to access the Account before performing each of the actions indicated above in points a) - d) will not allow the accumulation of Points and will not entitle the User to be credited with them at a later date, nor will it allow the User to benefit from any discounts to which he may be entitled under these Rules and will not entitle him to be credited with them at a later date.

During the duration of the Programme, the Promoter may decide to give out additional Points, also following the performance of actions and/or purchases other than those indicated in point 5 above, in accordance with the procedures that will be communicated from time to time by the Promoter on the Site or in information-promotional communications sent by email to Users. The Promoter also reserves the right to increase and/or reduce the method of accumulation of the Points and/or the points awarded for each activity, giving appropriate notice to Users.

Points are not redeemable for cash and cannot be transferred to third parties.

6) Use of points

Where the Account has accumulated:

  1. Between 151 and 300 points, the user will automatically receive a discount of €15.00.
  2. Between 301 and 449 Points, the User will automatically receive a discount of EUR 30.00.
  3. Upon reaching 450 points, the user will automatically receive a discount of EUR 45.00.

In order to benefit from the discount, the User must log in to his Account before carrying out each of the actions referred to in point 5 above.

The use of Points for the purpose of obtaining the corresponding discount or other benefit will result in the same amount of Points being deducted from the amount of Points accumulated in the personal Account. 

7) Duration of the Programme

The Loyalty Program runs until December 31, 2023and will renew from year to year unless otherwise notified by the Promoter. Points must therefore be used by December 31 of each year. Any Points remaining after that date will be removed from the Card and the count will restart from 0 Points on January 1 of each year.

The Promoter reserves the right to terminate the Programme at its sole discretion by giving appropriate notice to Customers.

Cancellation of the Account by you and revocation of the Account by the Promoter will result in the cancellation of the Account and the loss of any accrued and unused benefits. The Promoter reserves the right to reclaim any unlawfully acquired benefits (points, discounts, etc) and to take legal action against you.

8) Validity and withdrawal of participation in the Programme

Participation in the Programme, during its duration, is subject to the availability of the Account by the User and will cease if the Account is cancelled.