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Brush for Concealer, perfect for easily concealing under-eye shadows. It allows for adjustable application of liquid and cream Concealer by gently tapping the product until the desired coverage is achieved.

Made of synthetic fibre with antimicrobial treatment, corrosion-resistant chrome-plated copper ferrule and birch wood handle with 6 layers of protective varnish.


Make-up brushes by MESAUDA

  • F08 face brush perfect for easily concealing shadows under the eyes
  • Allows modulable application of Concealer liquid and cream
  • Brush For Anti Darkness And Concealers
  • Easy and precise application
  • Brush Concealer Zero Defects
  • Excellent handling
  • With ultra-soft synthetic fibers with antimicrobial treatment
  • Birch wood handle with 7 layers of protective varnishu
Suitable for: Antiocchiaie E Concealers Product type: Brushes Application Area: Face
Ready to spread and blend Concealer for a natural result? With its small, domed shape and dense bristles, the Mesauda F08 BUFFER CONCEALER brush spreads, blurs and applies Concealer naturally and precisely where you want it. The soft mono vegan bristle mix allows you to easily apply liquid, cream and gel textures without absorbing the product.
Product Details


Gross weight: 11 g

The F08 BUFFER CONCEALER brush is the ultimate beauty ally, ideal for gently and easily camouflaging shadows and dark circles with an anti-eye shadow or Concealer.
For a particularly natural finish without a mask effect, apply the dark circles concealer with the brush in small dabs, then gently blend.

For this purpose, use a small brush or your ring finger and gently dab the Concealer under the eyes, starting from the inner corner to the outermost part, where the product will have to be blended to avoid a noticeable gap between the complexion and the Concealer.

How to take care of the makeup brush?

Remember to wash the brushes regularly. Wash the brush with warm water and mild detergent. Avoid letting water go on the wooden handle. After rinsing, return the bristles to their original shape and let the brush dry upright with the bristles facing downward.

By washing it regularly with water and a suitable cleaning product, the brush will remain in perfect condition a long time.

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